Senator Anning Media Release Statement Dissection

I have seen a fair bit of hoopla around the statement released by Senator Fraser Anning and thought I would do a dissection as a friend wanted to know if I supported his statement (spoiler, some things I think are acceptable, some things I don’t).

So this section of the statement seems pretty cut and dry, he condemns the actions of the gunman.

This section of the statement clearly indicates that what the gunman did can never be justified, which implies that he is not justifying what the person did. He then goes on to explain that he thinks this is a result of growing fear in the community about more people immigrating from countries that are unlike our own, with wildly differing views on the how a culture should be run and the things that are permissible. This is an undisputed fact, majority Muslim countries are in no way similar or compatible with western society (yes, even our allied countries still treat women and gays as second class citizens).

This is an accurate, true fact which I have to deal with on a daily basis.

This is the first section of the statement that I think is either patently false, or needs citation as there is no real basis for this claim, other than his “word”. Honestly I think he should be focusing on things he knows for sure rather than spouting off about other countries with no citations at all.

This is overwhelmingly the case lately and it seems that every time there is an attack by an Islamic extremist it’s always passed off in the media as a “lone wolf” or “no connection with Islam” even though there are clear indicators of an Islamic extremist intent. This is also something that is swept under the rug over in Muslim majority countries because we don’t have the same level of scrutiny we do here in the west.

This section is clearly opinion and it is true in his eyes, and being an Atheist myself I personally think all religions are exactly the same, and people who use their religion to justify being a terrorist deserves nothing but jail time or death. The last part of the paragraph though seems to be correct from a modern Islam teaching from what I have read, leaving Islam seems to be one of the hardest things to do due to the punishments the Quran calls for. I haven’t read it myself, but from all the limited reading I have done the Prophet Muhammad did some pretty messed up stuff, however that doesn’t negate all of the messed up stuff that other religions have done in the same timeline *cough* Catholics *cough*. Personally I think religion is just fiction and anyone using it to justify violence is just a shithead, no matter who they kill.

While I think much of this paragraph is really just his opinion, what I have read suggests that this is definitely the case with Islam, HOWEVER the last part is also absolutely incorrect and this is the only section in the entire statement that I think could constitute victim blaming, and I think the Senator should not have said it. That being said I don’t think the outrage is warranted to try to bring the man down because he is an xyz over one single comment alone. Was it wrong? Yes of course it is, the victims of this horrific crime are in no way, shape or form to blame for this terrorists actions at all.

I find it amusing ending a statement about the state of a religion, while also quoting a religious text. With the actual content of the text it looks as though he is trying to draw parallels with Muslim extremism being fought with reactionary extremism and I think while I can understand where he is coming from (wouldn’t you want to act if you felt people weren’t listening to your concerns?) I don’t agree that this is a response to the Islamic extremism that has been happening for the last 20 years, personally I think this is a mentally ill individual managed to deceive others to not be detected so that he could carry out a deranged attack on innocent people who have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately while it is extremely sad, history is fraught with humans doing this exact same thing, it just seems like it’s happening less and less than it used to in centuries gone past as science and society progresses (thankfully).

Now this section I really struggled to come to terms with the extreme bigotry displayed by the senator.

Throughout this press release all I could think of is that the senator is guilty of spreading some falsehoods and does have a victim blaming mentality in one the paragraphs, I hardly think that identifying the growing discontent among some portions of the population is something we should be drawing attention to as this is the reason that people are becoming radicalized, if you keep calling them bigots, racists and homophobes you’ll eventually alienate them beyond all redemption, and just because they have concerns that you don’t share doesn’t make their concerns any less valid.

Personally I think some of what he said was kind of stupid, but I also think the reaction was very far over the top and is a clear indication why more people are radicalizing, however I don’t think this statement warranted violence against him which so many on the left are calling for. Regarding kicking him out of parliament, well vote him out next election if you don’t like his policies, but regardless of if he got 19 votes or 19 million votes, he was elected based on our own electoral system to serve the constituents that he represents, and if he doesn’t represent those individuals then they can feel free to democratically vote him out.

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Why are you pro-gun?

So I know that it’s been a while since I last posted to my blog, but there is a question that I get asked so frequently (and sometimes nastily) and I have wanted to write about it for some time now but I’ve just not had the words to be able to articulate how I feel. I have just recently watched the show 13 Reasons Why and without providing any spoilers it really does tackle the heart of suicide in a way that is not only relatable to almost each and every person who has been through high school (no matter the country) but also anyone who has ever been a teen, however if you have never been through, witnessed or even felt even remotely like the people portrayed in this series then at the very least you should watch so that you have an idea of how the actions and choices that you make can make a noticeable difference (for good and for bad) in someone elses life.

Now the question that I get often is “Why are you pro-gun?” (or some derivative which implied my stupidity) and you may be asking how this relates to a TV series about suicide. The first thing I would like to point out is that the killing of other people, and the killing of yourself are usually two sides to the same coin, at some point someone has felt that there is no way out other than to hurt others or to hurt themselves.


What are the forces that drive someone to make the final decision to end their own life, who is to blame for this (I mean is blame really something that we should be thinking about when it happens) and probably the most pertinent question is What could have been done to stop this tragedy?. Now the tool that someone uses to enact a suicide are sometimes discussed as Perhaps we could restrict what vulnerable people have access to to stop them being able to perpetrate this act, which to me signifies a distinct lack of understanding of the problem at heart.
The problem is not How did they get a gun to shoot themselves?, the problem that needs to be addressed is, and always will be, Why did this person feel that this was the only way that they could find peace? and until that question is answered everything else is really just patching up the bleeding, that is until the bleeding starts somewhere else because you only treated the symptoms and not the cause.

I live in a country where guns have been heavily regulated and for the most part people in general think that our gun laws have safeguarded us from the Evils of the big scary gun and to an extent I guess they are correct, however the sense that they are correct is probably not what you are thinking. When I say that in a sense they are correct, they are correct insofar as the big scary gun is not really a topic of conversation (except when people feel they are an expert on what’s wrong with America’s “gun problem” and how they could solve it) and so people don’t really have the threat of guns on their mind, however what they don’t seem to grasp is that just because you can’t see the monster, nor think it’s real, doesn’t mean that the chance of it rearing its head is any less, all it means is that instead of facing up to the issue head on, you’re less prepared when it does (and I mean this from a literal and figurative sense).

Now I have been pro-gun for a while and while I was writing a comment response to a Greens senator David Shoebridge (who as an aside, feels that the best way to protect free speech is to silence others) I thought I would look at the gun related deaths in Australia (which by the way, props to the ABS for their comprehensive centralised datasets) and while I was looking into the statistics what I found about our suicide rate was astonishing, and absolutely disheartening to read. What I found is that in the last 10 years not only has the amount of people ending their own life increased substantially but what is also extremely evident is that around 3 in 4 persons who do this are young men, and that by in large they use rope (not necessarily rope, but you get the picture) to complete their grim task.
Now one of the things that is constantly mentioned is that Girls usually choose a method that allows people to reach them in time, boys usually use a method that gets the job done and they tend to suggest that girls merely do it for attention and that boys actually want to die. Now I don’t care how you slice it up, 4 out of 4 people in the suicide statistic are dead, gone, no more and that to me is a damn shame, and should be considered one of the big shames of our generation. Regardless of if it is an attempt on a life, or if someone succeeds in actually ending their own life I don’t believe it is ever “attention seeking”, I believe that it is always a cry for help and that we as a society are failing people… We are failing girls and we are failing boys… And the victim is someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, partner or any other of many different relationships and this in itself is an absolute tragedy.

So how does this have anything to do with guns? Well, what it does indicate is that while suicide is possible with a gun, it is also possible with anything that you have in your house, your school or your businesses and even just around the streets and “banning guns” will not stop someone that is planning to end their life from doing so, and to even suggest this is the case would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn serious. So yes I don’t agree that suicide statistics should be included in any statistics against gun violence because that is not only disingenuous but it’s also not helping our brothers and sisters that need our help and for those that actually understand suicide would come to realise that this is just a cheap ploy to try and push an agenda to try and ban the scary things in life, all because you can’t see the benefit of a tool.

So after all that who is to blame, I mean I have established that the tool can’t possibly be to blame for the actions of it’s operator (you don’t blame the rope, right?)? I think what we need to understand is that there are no single reasons why someone chooses to go down that route, the uncomfortable truth is that we all need to be more observant of the warning signs that people are trying to reach out to us because at the end of the day we are all to blame for not realising that people are reaching out and asking, no crying for help. It’s much easier to blame the tool, the gun, than to face up to the fact that society is the problem and is what needs to change, and to me, 13 Reasons Why so eloquently illustrates what I am talking about (if you haven’t seen it, watch it).

Mass Shootings

I also get asked a lot How can you be pro-gun when people use them to commit mass murders?.

Now this is the other side of the coin that I mentioned at the start of this post, and this is one of the most divisive subjects on the issue of guns. Now you might ask How are suicide and mass shootings related? and to this I say that both are a cry for help, the major difference is that while suicide only directly harms the person involved (and obviously the many people that are left behind) mass shootings directly affect the poor souls that get caught up in someone’s cry for help.

Now that is to say while I accept that it’s a cry for help, I don’t accept it as an acceptable step for someone to take. The act of killing someone else in cold blood, regardless of the reason, is not only wrong but also sick and twisted, however this is the exact reason why we need to try and understand the signs of mental illness, we need to understand why people choose to end lives these ways. You can try and lessen mass shooting, or active shooter events by restricting the tools they have at their disposal to be able to enact these atrocities but what you can be sure is that like the suicide situation these problems cannot be solved merely by treating the symptoms, what you need to do for any meaningful change is to treat the source of the problems.

Motivations for massacres (and yes this diverts slightly from mass shootings because like I said, people will always find ways to complete their task if what they are after is blood) are so varied, but much like suicide there is no 1 thing or person that usually prompts something like this to occur, I feel that the biggest reason is that us as a society are giving the correct conditions required for this kind of illness to thrive, and to spread unabated because no one wants to face up to the inconvenient truth, it’s us that needs to change.

So a follow up when I try and explain this to people is Well how would you fix the gun violence issue in America? and what I generally respond with is that it’s not up to “me” to fix, but us as a society that needs to do better, be better and respond better to those in need. If we make someone feel like the only way that they can get through life is to end it, or to end the life of others then we need to take responsibility for what we have created. We need to focus on bullying and other issues that snowball and get bigger to the point they are unbearable and just being generally friendlier to other people no matter of their skin colour, their gender, their belief structure, their sexual orientation or any other label that we may have to give someone (hell, why do we even label people, why do we feel the need to label people?) and we just need to do better to be able to help with both of these issues. Each and every one of us.

Other Thoughts

I also mentioned earlier that I think that if we just go around banning things that make us scared (well tools) then one of the other side-effects of this line of thought is that as a society we start to lose the ability to know how to appropriately deal with a tool when one is unexpectedly confronted with one, and this is already very evident in Australia now.

For example let us a hypothetical situation of a gang member going through a school at night who happened to be carrying a gun (because we already know that criminals are able to obtain whatever they want for the right price) unknowingly drops this loaded gun in the school grounds and doesn’t notice it until the next day (if at all), if we have banned all civilian training and access to these tools then this opens us as a society up to a not being able to handle this kind of situation and could result it many more harms happening than if we had tried to educate people on the proper use on these tools because now not only do the kids in the school not know proper gun control (don’t point it at anyone, don’t point the trigger) but they also likely wouldn’t take it seriously because people wouldn’t believe that it possible that this could happen, and on top of that we also have teachers that crumble at the thought / sight of this tool because of how “dangerous” it is perceived to be (now this seems like a far fetched situation, but it’s based on real stories).
Lets also imagine that the Police are reacting to a criminal in the streets and pull their gun [tool] and attempt to stop the criminal from perpetrating their crimes we have a situation here were people are so scared of seeing a gun in real life that they actually get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] from the mere sight / thought of it. Now I don’t think there is anything more worrying for our society than the prospect of people becoming mentally ill from something as similar to seeing a tool, not even being used as it is designed. This to me us an unacceptable situation for the health of our society.

Right to Self Protection vs Right to Life

One of the biggest discussion in America today on the gun debate is where is it appropriate to impinge on someone’s right to own tools to protect themselves in order to “protect the lives of others”, but if you can understand the points I mentioned earlier then should be able to understand that I don’t think giving up your rights to “protect others” is ever going to be a reality, what you really have is the surrender of your rights accompanied by the inability to protect yourself in the event that you ever need to (we prepare for the event of a fire, we prepare for the event of a medical emergency, so why not prepare for the event of a threat)! Now I fully understand that not everyone likes or wants to use a gun and in that circumstance you are free to exercise your right not to use these tools and rely on the Police (who may or may not be in time to save your life, stop your rape or save your possessions), however there are those among us who feel a sense of power, a sense of calm, a sense of safety that only preparedness can fulfill, much like how people feel about being prepared in the event of a fire (it won’t take away the pain if the event does happen, but it will certainly help the chances of success).
There is a saying The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun and while many detractors like to say Well how often does that happen or point to examples where people have died from there not being a correct tool available but what they fail to see is that being a good guy with a gun is not an guaranteed that you will win the fight, nor that you will succeed in neutralising the threat, but what it will do is give you a chance, and that is all that we can ask for really, the chance to be responsible for our own lives.

Chances are if your opinion was already set before you read my post that you haven’t changed your mind, but I hope that you can at least see things from someone else’s point of view, I hope that you can look at people you haven’t been listening to the signs of that you now notice them, I hope that we as a society start to change from a Ban all the things attitude to a Lets help all the people attitude and only then may we see this kind of stuff decline.

I’d like to point out though that crime in general in all western societies is declining, and are all safer today despite the media bias to the contrary, but I will cover media bias another time. I’d also like to point out that from the American perspective, if you remove suicides and mass shootings (caused by the same causes as suicide), and all defensive gun use then America is a very safe place.

I’m Pro-Gun, Pro-Freedom and I am really concerned with where society is headed.

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Wrong Priorities

Today yet again I have managed to make it home despite the lung filling (even though I now have a sore chest and feel sick) from the massive amount of vehicles on the road spewing noxious gas out into the car behind / beside them, however as usual the Queensland Police Service (QPS) sit on the sidelines, raising revenue with their lovely vans… In peak hour traffic!

It is extremely disappointing to live in a state that doesn’t seem to value driving or even hold it in high regard, but instead years ago made the decision to throw caution to the wind and go after 1 thing and 1 thing only: REVENUE… We have a few major issues that seem to be inherent in our flawed motor vehicle system which I will discuss below.


The Problem:

One of the large impacts on global warming / city pollution / public health seems to go unnoticed completely by the legislative / regulative bodies that manages our transport system which is evident on a daily basis which is causing very real damage to our environment (in both CO2 emissions and general pollution) and to our health (breathing the stuff in). What I find quite hypocritical is that there has been a massive push in the last 20 years to minimise smoking as it has been generally agreed that smoking cigarette smoke is like inhaling exhaust fumes (or so the advertising leads you to believe) yet here we are in traffic and on the one trip today where I only had to travel about 30 – 40 kilometers from work and I spotted in front of me (directly, not even the ones nearby) about 5 vehicles that were spewing plumes of black soot out of their cars blissfully unaware that they are basically making life for people around them terrible (in the mean time, as I mentioned earlier there was a cop in a radar van… In peak hour traffic >:-/ ).

The Solution:

More Police and Transport officers doing exactly what they should be doing in the first place!!! Being on the road defecting vehicles that shouldn’t be on the road in the first place. We also need to set up a system of mandatory regular vehicle inspections to ensure that all vehicles that share the road are not a danger to the occupants or other road users, which I am confident would also have the added effect of reducing the road toll due to people driving clearly un-roadworthy cars. In my opinion this is mandatory works!!!

Speed Detection

The Problem:

For many years we have been told via the televised campaigns “Every K over is a Killer” and that “Speeding Kills” but has anyone stopped to think, is it really the big bad bogeyman that the authorities make it out to be? We see it year after year that there will be more police on the road issuing speeding fines and that, in turn it will save lives and we are also told every year that mobile speed cameras are primarily placed on black spot zones so that they can slow people down and stop fatalities (this is a complete lie, most of the places they hide these days will increase the chance of an accident because people will scope the cop at the last minute, suddenly focus on their speedo for the rest of their trip and not paying attention to the road), but does it really?

The Solution:

I think the main solution to this problem is that there should be far less focus on low level speeding (under 40km/h) as most people are safe to drive at those speeds so long as they are paying attention to the road, however the more that people are focused on their speedometer the less they are focused on doing the actual thing that they are supposed to be doing when they get behind the wheel. The QPS are constantly treating us as common thugs because we may be going a little faster than the speed limit yet are completely aware of what all of the cars around us are doing, despite being able to watch behind and watch ahead and be able to adequately respond to an emerging incident in a timely manner (which we wouldn’t be able to do as well if we were focused on watching a dial move around). What we need is more focus on:

  1. Vehicle Roadworthiness
  2. Driver Inattention (seriously, I bet this would be the #1 cause of all road accidents)
  3. Driver Education (There is such a large amount of people that don’t know the road rules because of the way we get our licences, and many older folk who don’t know the current legislation as there is no way to notify / test people for legislation changes)

As an aside to this, i’d also like to point out that as every year goes on cars are safer and safer and more easily able to respond to higher speeds and hazards a lot more quick than they had previously (especially with things like better Tyre technology, ABS, TCM and other technology designed to make driving safer). I was also reading an article (I don’t have a link to the article right now, but will edit the post when I find it) that showed that despite the current QPS campaign of “More speed cameras out than ever” there has been an increase in road fatalities which seems inconsistent with the constant message they are sending us (could it be that focusing on the speedo and not the road is dangerous? *GASP*). This is an urgent issue that needs to be looked at by the current government because as a population, our needs are not being met by the current system.

This issue needs to be addressed, the situation can’t get better and will only get worse unless people stand up and say: “enough is enough”!

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Environmental Issues

The Issue

I was riding home from work yesterday afternoon and again this morning and all I could think was “wow… How are these cars / trucks still on the road”. Yet again a majority of my trip (would have been the same in the car due to my lack of A/C and need to have the window open) I have had vehicles spewing black smoke right at me, or right around everywhere. What I don’t understand is that while the Police focus their attention on things like low-level speeding and harassing motorcyclists why are they not looking around for these clearly unhealthy vehicles and defecting them… They are a flat out health issue that if we are to reduce emissions they are at least a good start (if only for the health implications).
I have seen many vehicles in the last few weeks that I have paid attention to as I feel sick just breathing in the air as it is a thick smoke that just spews out and trying to avoid it is difficult however. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s not just older model cars / trucks that this effects either as I have seen numerous newer vehicles that I wouldn’t have even thought of that leave large clouds of smoke behind them.

What We Need

The biggest way we could start to tackle this issue is to set up more Transport / Police checkpoints on major atreries along with the traffic Police department actually making an effort to take this issue seriously and defect these vehicles. Unfortunately we are reliant on the Police force to do anything about the subject as we have no power to do anything, and even if we did are unable to alert people to this issue (as usually we are focused on driving ourselves) which means they have an obligation to do this for the safety of the general community (I mean that’s their charter right?).

Another alternative which would help the car industry would be a mandated “safety check” every few years for every vehicle on the road, which would have the knock on effect of better overall safety as there would be less cars on the road that are not roadworthy (Seriously, once a car is registered it can be extremely unsafe but still registerable until it’s either sold or defected by cops), however regardless of the environmental issues mandatory checks should be implemented for the safety aspect alone. Together we can have safer / cleaner vehicles, it’s just going to take a little effort from the police / governing body to achieve good results.


Poorly maintained cars spew black smoke, damages my health and the environment. Needs to be stopped by cops.

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Stay tuned!

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