Environmental Issues

The Issue

I was riding home from work yesterday afternoon and again this morning and all I could think was “wow… How are these cars / trucks still on the road”. Yet again a majority of my trip (would have been the same in the car due to my lack of A/C and need to have the window open) I have had vehicles spewing black smoke right at me, or right around everywhere. What I don’t understand is that while the Police focus their attention on things like low-level speeding and harassing motorcyclists why are they not looking around for these clearly unhealthy vehicles and defecting them… They are a flat out health issue that if we are to reduce emissions they are at least a good start (if only for the health implications).
I have seen many vehicles in the last few weeks that I have paid attention to as I feel sick just breathing in the air as it is a thick smoke that just spews out and trying to avoid it is difficult however. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s not just older model cars / trucks that this effects either as I have seen numerous newer vehicles that I wouldn’t have even thought of that leave large clouds of smoke behind them.

What We Need

The biggest way we could start to tackle this issue is to set up more Transport / Police checkpoints on major atreries along with the traffic Police department actually making an effort to take this issue seriously and defect these vehicles. Unfortunately we are reliant on the Police force to do anything about the subject as we have no power to do anything, and even if we did are unable to alert people to this issue (as usually we are focused on driving ourselves) which means they have an obligation to do this for the safety of the general community (I mean that’s their charter right?).

Another alternative which would help the car industry would be a mandated “safety check” every few years forĀ every vehicle on the road, which would have the knock on effect of better overall safety as there would be less cars on the road that are not roadworthy (Seriously, once a car is registered it can be extremely unsafe but still registerable until it’s either sold or defected by cops), however regardless of the environmental issues mandatory checks should be implemented for the safety aspect alone. Together we can have safer / cleaner vehicles, it’s just going to take a little effort from the police / governing body to achieve good results.


Poorly maintained cars spew black smoke, damages my health and the environment. Needs to be stopped by cops.

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