Wrong Priorities

Today yet again I have managed to make it home despite the lung filling (even though I now have a sore chest and feel sick) from the massive amount of vehicles on the road spewing noxious gas out into the car behind / beside them, however as usual the Queensland Police Service (QPS) sit on the sidelines, raising revenue with their lovely vans… In peak hour traffic!

It is extremely disappointing to live in a state that doesn’t seem to value driving or even hold it in high regard, but instead years ago made the decision to throw caution to the wind and go after 1 thing and 1 thing only: REVENUE… We have a few major issues that seem to be inherent in our flawed motor vehicle system which I will discuss below.


The Problem:

One of the large impacts on global warming / city pollution / public health seems to go unnoticed completely by the legislative / regulative bodies that manages our transport system which is evident on a daily basis which is causing very real damage to our environment (in both CO2 emissions and general pollution) and to our health (breathing the stuff in). What I find quite hypocritical is that there has been a massive push in the last 20 years to minimise smoking as it has been generally agreed that smoking cigarette smoke is like inhaling exhaust fumes (or so the advertising leads you to believe) yet here we are in traffic and on the one trip today where I only had to travel about 30 – 40 kilometers from work and I spotted in front of me (directly, not even the ones nearby) about 5 vehicles that were spewing plumes of black soot out of their cars blissfully unaware that they are basically making life for people around them terrible (in the mean time, as I mentioned earlier there was a cop in a radar van… In peak hour traffic >:-/ ).

The Solution:

More Police and Transport officers doing exactly what they should be doing in the first place!!! Being on the road defecting vehicles that shouldn’t be on the road in the first place. We also need to set up a system of mandatory regular vehicle inspections to ensure that all vehicles that share the road are not a danger to the occupants or other road users, which I am confident would also have the added effect of reducing the road toll due to people driving clearly un-roadworthy cars. In my opinion this is mandatory works!!!

Speed Detection

The Problem:

For many years we have been told via the televised campaigns “Every K over is a Killer” and that “Speeding Kills” but has anyone stopped to think, is it really the big bad bogeyman that the authorities make it out to be? We see it year after year that there will be more police on the road issuing speeding fines and that, in turn it will save lives and we are also told every year that mobile speed cameras are primarily placed on black spot zones so that they can slow people down and stop fatalities (this is a complete lie, most of the places they hide these days will increase the chance of an accident because people will scope the cop at the last minute, suddenly focus on their speedo for the rest of their trip and not paying attention to the road), but does it really?

The Solution:

I think the main solution to this problem is that there should be far less focus on low level speeding (under 40km/h) as most people are safe to drive at those speeds so long as they are paying attention to the road, however the more that people are focused on their speedometer the less they are focused on doing the actual thing that they are supposed to be doing when they get behind the wheel. The QPS are constantly treating us as common thugs because we may be going a little faster than the speed limit yet are completely aware of what all of the cars around us are doing, despite being able to watch behind and watch ahead and be able to adequately respond to an emerging incident in a timely manner (which we wouldn’t be able to do as well if we were focused on watching a dial move around). What we need is more focus on:

  1. Vehicle Roadworthiness
  2. Driver Inattention (seriously, I bet this would be the #1 cause of all road accidents)
  3. Driver Education (There is such a large amount of people that don’t know the road rules because of the way we get our licences, and many older folk who don’t know the current legislation as there is no way to notify / test people for legislation changes)

As an aside to this, i’d also like to point out that as every year goes on cars are safer and safer and more easily able to respond to higher speeds and hazards a lot more quick than they had previously (especially with things like better Tyre technology, ABS, TCM and other technology designed to make driving safer). I was also reading an article (I don’t have a link to the article right now, but will edit the post when I find it) that showed that despite the current QPS campaign of “More speed cameras out than ever” there has been an increase in road fatalities which seems inconsistent with the constant message they are sending us (could it be that focusing on the speedo and not the road is dangerous? *GASP*). This is an urgent issue that needs to be looked at by the current government because as a population, our needs are not being met by the current system.

This issue needs to be addressed, the situation can’t get better and will only get worse unless people stand up and say: “enough is enough”!

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  1. EB says:

    Re: Driver Education.
    Why we don’t have a 5-6 tier system such as Finland is beyond me. Further, drivers should be retested if they are in an at fault accident and put back on their P’s. There is more revenue for the State this way as well.

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